Biocare offer lateral flow tests for enteric, fertility, infectious disease, turmor marker and cardiac markers. The best selling kits are rotavirus, rota/adeno, H pylori, PROM IGFBP-1, FOB, FOB/TF, Transferrin, lactoferrin, Strep A, HCG tests.



Veterniary Test

  • >CPV

  • >CDV
  • >CCV
  • >CAV1
  • >CAV2

Biocare also supply private label and customised kits

Please contact us to get more information for kits not listed here.

Biocare manufacture the hepatitis, infectious diseases, tumor markers ELISA kits, like HAV IgM, HEV IgM, HBsAg, HCV, Anti-HBcAg IgM, H pylori Ag, Tuberculosis IgG, TORCH, AFP, CEA and PSA


  • >HBsAg

  • >Anti-HBsAg
  • >HBeAg
  • >Anti-HBeAg
  • >Anti-HBcAg
  • >HEV IgM
  • >HEV IgG
  • >HCV Ab

Infectious Disease

  • >Rotavirus
    >TB IgG
    >H pylori Antigen
    >Anti-HIV 1/2

Tumor Marker

  • >AFP


  • >HSV IgM/IgG
    >CMV IgM/IgG
    >Rubella IgM/IgG

  • >Toxo IgM/IgG

Blood Test

  • >HBsAg

  • >Anti-HCV
  • >Anti-HIV 1/2
  • >Anti-TP

Kidney Marker

  • >NGAL
    >Cys C

Tumor Marker

  • >AFP

  • >PG I
  • >PG II


  • >EBV IgA
    >EV71 IgM

Biocare help customers make research use ELISA kits also.

We help customers make their own ELISA kits that is not listed here,even the quantity is very small.

Biocare manufacture antibodies and antigens for in vitro diagnostic reagent.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Biocare developed some hybridomas and recombinant antigens for the production of lateral flow tests and ELISA kits intend to improve the products quality and decrease the costs. Currently, Biocare have extra raw materials to supply other IVD manufacturers and research institutes, all these raw materials can be successfully used for lateral flow tests and ELISA kits.

Infectious Disease

  • >Rotavirus

  • >Adenovirus
  • >H pylori

Specific Protein

  • >Transferrin

  • >Lactoferrin
  • >Calprotectin
  • >CRP


  • >Procalcitonin
  • >CRP


  • >Troponin I

  • >Troponin T
  • >CK-MB
  • >Myoglobin
  • >D-dimer
  • >FABP3

Second Antibody

  • >Human IgG

  • >Human IgM
  • >Human IgA


  • >Salmonella typhi

  • >S.  paratyphi A
  • >L monocytogens
  • >H pylori

Tumor Marker

  • >Hemoglobin

  • >Pepsinogen I
  • >Pepsinogen II
  • >AFP
  • >CEA


  • >HCG alpha

  • >HCG beat
  • >LH
  • >fFN
  • >IGFBP-1

Serum Protein

  • >Albumin

  • >Transferrin

Kidney Marker

  • >NGAL

  • >Cystin C
  • >RBP4

Infectious Disease

  • >Dengue NS1

  • >HBsAg
  • >Candida albicans
  • >CD GDH
  • >HBcAg


  • >Biotin

  • >HRP
  • >GST
  • >FITC
  • >Folic Acid

Antigens and Conjugate

Biocare also supply antigens and antibody or antigen conjugates.

Recombinant Ag

  • >HEV

  • >HCV
  • >HIV

HRP Conjugates

  • >Goat anti-mouse IgG

  • >Goat anti-human IgG
  • >Goat anti-human IgM
  • >Goat anti-human IgA

Gold Conjugate

  • >Ab conjugate

  • >Ag conjugate
  • >Colloidal gold


  • >Microtiter plate

  • >Bottles
  • >Plastic backing
  • >Sample pad
  • >Conjugate pad

Hybridoma development service

If the antibody is not listed here or under the development stage in Biocare, we can help customers to develop their own hybridoma.

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