Biocare Diagnostics Ltd founded by professional scientists and investors in 1997. Have over ten years experience for In Vitro Diagnostics Reagents to serve customer all over the world, currently, these kits are represented in over 60 countries.

Over many years research, Biocare invented a new production technology for lateral flow tests that can optimise the performance of the tests, save raw materials, clear background and longer shelf life.

The Biocare Rotavirus, rota/adeno, adenovirus, H pylori antigen, HCG, HBsAg, FOB, transferrin, FOB/TF, Lactoferrin, PROM IGFBP-1 lateral flow tests are our main products, all these products use the antibody manufactured by our R&D team, the antibody batch size is over 5 grams. Biocare use the REEL-TO-REEL production technology for lateral flow tests, the produced tests have a better batch to batch and intra-batch accuracy..

Biocare offer OEM opputunities and provide private label or uncut sheet to other IVD kits manufacturers. Over 50% of the sale is from OEM orders.

Biocare can transfer R&D, production, Quality Control technology for ELISA kits and lateral flow tests and help customers build their own production line.

Now Biocare cooperate with international and domestic research institutes to develop some new in vitro diagnostics reagents and equipments.

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