Biocare offer production and contract manufacturing services, we can take your product from concept to finished product.

Kit Development Service

Biocare have many years experience to development many kinds of immunoassay kits, including ELISA, lateral flow test and latex agglutination.
If you have good raw materials or idea, we can help you to get the real kits for research or clinical use.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development and Production Service

Biocare offers a broad range of services for development and production of monoclonal antibodies. Our Hybridoma Development and Monoclonal Antibody Production Services include: immunization, cell fusion, cloning, characterization and production of your monoclonal antibody in vivo in BALB/c mice, or in vitro in flasks or fermentor. Additional services include antibody purification and conjugation to fluorophores, enzymes and biotin.

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